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Member Benefits by Sector: Agriculture & Environment

BIO is the only global organization that brings together biotech innovators to develop sustainable sources of food, feed, energy, biobased products, renewable chemicals, and improved manufacturing processes. BIO supports an environment that fosters innovation and the freedom to operate for biology-based solutions and systems.

Biology-based Food & Farm Products

BIO focuses on state-of-the-art products and technologies used throughout the food, farm, and animal feed supply chain, from agricultural inputs to ingredient applications to whole foods.

Bio-based Manufacturing

BIO focuses on technologies used in (non-food) industrial and environmental biotech manufacturing applications, including renewable chemicals, bio-based products, enzymes, and alternative feedstocks.

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Sustainable Fuels

BIO focuses on technologies that are revolutionizing the fuels sector, including conventional, advanced, and cellulosic biofuels, along with drop-in fuel replacements, sustainable aviation fuels, and other technologies that aid in the development of such products (such as enzymes, microbes, algae, renewable biomass, waste feedstocks, and captured carbon).

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