Attend Patient Adovcacy Briefings & Events

In an effort to provide value to our partners in the stakeholder community, BIO facilitates a number of briefings, webinars, and other events throughout the year to provide educational resources, a forum to share best practices, and opportunities to engage with BIO members. 

BIO Stakeholder Briefings

BIO hosts regular briefings and webinars for the stakeholder community on current policy topics and best practices for capacity building.  Read recaps of briefings held recently on the Medicare Part B Drug Payment Model and the PDUFA VI Performance Goals Letter

BIO Patient & Health Advocacy Summit

BIO is proud to host the BIO Patient & Health Advocacy Summit, an event held annually in Washington, DC, that brings together patient advocacy and provider organization, medical professional societies, voluntary health organizations, patients and caregivers, regulators, policymakers, and the biotechnology industry for two days of programming to discuss timely policy issues, share best practices, and exchange ideas.  The Summit provides invaluable opportunities to advance partnerships among stakeholders in the healthcare ecosystem.  

BIO Patient & Health Advocacy Summit
BIO Conferences and Summits

BIO hosts a number of events throughout the year that present opportunities for stakeholder organizations to interact with BIO Members.  Take a look at the full list of BIO events and read about the patient advocacy organizations that participated in the BIO International Convention