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What is BIO Business Solutions®?

BIO Business Solutions is the largest cost savings purchasing program for the life sciences industry, operated by BIO.  BIO Business Solutions pools the purchasing power of thousands of life sciences companies across North America to negotiate for exclusive pricing and favorable terms on things like lab supplies, office supplies, insurance, and much more.

How significant are the savings?
Aggregate Savings in 2019
Companies Participating
BIO Business Solutions has been saving life sciences companies time & money for over 20 years!
Browse the cost savings available for your organization:
R&D & Laboratory

From pipettes to research-grade microscopes, we have you covered.

Finance & Administration

Save money on everyday necessities like insurance and office supplies.

Facilities & Operations

Efficiently run facilities save money and allow you to innovate more.

Communications & Data
Communications & Data

Communications and securing your data are more important than ever.

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Learn More About Our Cost Savings Programs

BIO is best known for world-class advocacy, education, and events BUT did you know that BIO also operates the largest cost-savings program for the life sciences industry, BIO Business Solutions®? Learn more!


BIO Business Solutions offers StemBioSys access to world-class business partners at preferred prices. For a small company like ours, this combination is clearly a win-win proposition!

Bob Hutchins
President & CEO, StemBioSys

We are using programs for things like office supplies and lab supplies and the savings come out to about 200K a year. That’s money we’ve been able to invest right back into our research so BIO Business Solutions® has definitely been a great choice for us.


Dave Lawrence
CBO, Acorda Therapeutics
Acorda Therapeutics
Frequently Asked Questions
How can the BIO Business Solutions Customer Success Team Help?
Tamy Dalal
Tamy Dalal
888.246.1728 • General Inquires
Pete Frey
Peter Frey
202.438.0907 • Western US
Bob Dearth
Bob Dearth
781.716.7555 • Eastern US
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