BIO Inova Virtual Partnering Event Series

Virtual Partnering Event Sponsorship Opportunities

The Virtual Partnering Event Series enables all players in the life science industry, from large biopharmaceutical companies to small biotechs and research labs, to meet, network and exchange ideas to bring the best science forward.

Establish your company as a partnering leader in the biotech industry by sponsoring one or more events in the upcoming Virtual Partnering Events series in partnership with BIO and Inova.

With three distinguished audiences at each event, you can choose to target your sponsorship to one, or broaden your visibility across all three. BIO's sponsorship team will work with you to select the package and exposure that makes the most sense for your company. 

Bundle these sponsorship packages with another event in the BIO portfolio and get even more return on your partnering investment!

Oncology Virtual Partnering
September 22-24

Discuss the latest research from oncology congresses, pitch ideas and partner to accelerate oncology pipelines and bring new treatment options to patients worldwide.

Neuroscience Virtual Partnering
November 2-4

Drive progress forward in a field where the unmet need significantly outweighs current medical solutions at this Virtual Partnering Event dedicated to neuroscience.

Infectious Diseases Virtual Partnering
December 2-4

Collaborate with top life science companies to combat viral and bacterial infections and bring lifesaving treatments to patients faster. 

Sponsorship Packages Available

Below are three tiers of sponsorship that are available for each event. 

All sponsorship levels include:

  • Dedicated Virtual Meeting Room to schedule One-on-One meetings.
  • 25% discount on additional registrations
  • Sponsor tag in One-on-One Partnering system for more visibility in search results.
  • Promotion via conference website, digital marketing, social media, digital conference book, and PR support.
  • Measurable outcomes and analytics from social media, partnering engagement and tracking brand preference.
  • Access to a targeted audience.

Package includes all benefits listed above, plus:

  • 9 Registration Passes
  • 20 minute video presentation
  • Logo featured in all event newsletters
  • Ad Banner featured in all newsletters

Package includes all benefits listed above, plus:

  • 6 Registration Passes
  • 12 minute video presentation
  • Logo featured in all event newsletters

Package includes all benefits listed above, plus:

  • 3 Registration Passes
  • 6 minute video presentation
  • Logo featured in 1 in 2 event newsletters

Request Pricing and Information

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